Wye Oak - Civilian

"I don’t need another friend, when most of them I can barely keep up with them. Perfectly able to hold my own hand, but I still can’t kiss my own neck"

Civilian (2011)

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Day 25: Wednesday August 6, 2014

Happy middle-of-the-week Day!

I’ve been really interested in long mixes of Chinese pop music lately. Throwing it back to the 2000s era (before I found the beauty of other music genres). And I still don’t know what half the lyrics mean but the music is good (actually, I know some of what they’re saying now, I guess).

Today was a mixture of “meh” and “ugh” and “great!”

Day 24: Tueday August 5, 2014

It’s already August. Today I felt slightly disappointed that summer break is almost over; a month and a half until I start college, another chapter of my life. I don’t feel ready. Unprepared. Scared. Time is ticking. It feels like a jail sentence. I’m worried for whatever might happen in the future. It’s not like I have specific worries, just a general worry for the future. 

On the other hand, I spent an hour at Dolores Park today and it felt good. A light sprinkle while sitting on the grass, feeling cold. I ate an ice cream sandwich from Bi-rite, which made the day with the melancholy weather better. The view was great but not quite spectacular or amazing; still very nice because I don’t think anyone can deny the fact that Dolores Park has many lovely shades of green. I think it was the spot where we were sitting. And it sucks that they’re still rebuilding the park but it still looks great.

I recall standing on the other side of Dolores Park on a sunny day, feeling tired and sweaty but content because the view was nice and the vibrant colors of the park blossomed. Overcast days are terrible sometimes.


paper planes || m.i.a.

pirate skulls and bones
sticks and stones and weed and bombs
running when we hit ‘em
lethal poison for the system

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Day 23: Sunday July 27, 2014

It’s been about a week since I’ve posted, lol.

Not much has happened since. And if something has, I just didn’t really want to write it on here. I’ve been keeping my updates to myself by privately writing it on this app I downloaded. I’ll still update though every once in awhile.

Meanwhile, I’ve been checking out this list of music people posted and wow, their music taste too strong though! I’ve been saving almost every song to my liked list on youtube, haha.

PSA: I’ve restarted my SIMs but it’s not that interesting anymore tbh :/





You’d say, “I’m sorry, believe me 
I love you…but not in that way”



this song gets to me 

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holy shit

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Day 22: Wednesday July 16, 2014

I woke up at 1. Either I wake up late or I wake up early. There is no in-between anymore, sigh. Then I ate some lunch since it was already 1 (can’t call it brunch or linner or any related words).

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Here - Murs


Saigo no kisu wa tabako no flavor ga shita
Nigakute setsunai kaori

Ashita no imagoro ni wa
Anata wa doko ni irundarou
Dare wo omotterundarou

You are always gonna be my love
Itsuka darekato mata koi ni ochitemo
I’ll remember to love you taught me how
You are always gonna be the one
Ima wa mada kanashii love song
Atarashi uta utaeru made

Tachidomaru jikan ga
Ugoki dasouto shiteru
Wasureta kunai kotobakari

Ashita no imagoro niwa
Watashi wa kitto naiteru
Anatawo omotterundarou

You will always be inside my heart
Itsumo anata dake no basho ga aru kara
I hope that I have a place in your heart too
Now and forever you are still the one
Ima wa mada kanashii love song
Atarashii uta utaeru made

You are always gonna be my love
Itsuka darekato mata koi ni ochitemo
I’ll remember to love you taught me how
You are always gonna be the one
Mada kanashii love song
Now and forever

Day 21: Tuesday July 15, 2014

Wow, the day started off pretty good and then went sour-ish.

I woke up at 8 and realized I was going to be late. So I rushed and ran for the bus. It didn’t arrive until around 8:30 so it was pointless to run but I did get a seat on the bus. I helped Auntie Petra with her filing which was not that bad since I got the hang of it. This grandma had two binders of bank statements where I had to help her organize it. It took me about a solid hour to fix, hole punch, and organize everything. Then I finished the 7th, 8th, and 9th floor folders for the health papers for those floors. For some reason I got a little winded at 11ish (obv ‘cause I was working nonstop for 2 hours but at the time I didn’t realize that). I ate some jello one of the grannies gave us. It was good because I was hungry. We left at 12 when I finished the last folder. I ate lunch by myself and browsed through instagram and facebook. Then I went to Mom and sat in her small open office. We talked and she showed me some stuff and I helped her with some stuff and I fell asleep and then helped her again. I got to drink a small box of orange juice and ate a yummy haagen-daz chocolate covered almond bar. I left to take the 27.

Sigh the rest of the day is not something I’m proud of.

But when I got home, I took a shower, ate a banana, played Another Case Solved. And felt better. Later after dinner (which was Costco chicken and mapo tofu, sooo good), I jammed out to throwback songs on tumblr. Ah, singing helps the soul.

To top it off, I purposefully saved TLOK episodes 4 and 5 for whenever I felt bad. And ta-dah! Wow, it felt sooooo good watching those two episodes. 

*whispers* makorra wherefore your kissing scene u have one every season

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Day 139. A song that sums up your outlook on life:

The Climb - Miley Cyrus

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Day 20: Monday July 14, 2014

I woke up at 12. Didn’t do much since the program started at 3.

I left the house around 2:20 and then took the 9. It was very crowded. I got off and when I saw the view of Sutro Tower, I was in awe (again) since it was the second time I went to SoEx. After I was in awe, I realized I had seen the view already hahah. It might take me awhile to get used to this view. I wasn’t sure what or who to expect. And I guess that’s the beauty of the unknown, feeling that gut-wrenching tightness in your stomach of the unexpected. The silly moment of the day was when I wrote on the wrong thing. I was supposed to write on the bright orange sticker but I wrote on the wax paper that held the sticker. So embarrassing. I could tell I still wasn’t focused nor awake. I went into the room and sat down and listened to the teachers talk. Awkward tension but a good type of uncomfortable, if there is such a thing. Then we went to this group circle once everyone in the video group was there and we finished talking. The theme was “We’re Taking Over The City.” We as in Youth. We had an ice breaker with names. Then we did a card activity about creating change in the city. I forgot what happened next but we went back inside and did another activity by using two phrases. We had to fill in the phrases with art as our answers, like words or sculptures. At the end we took a group photo after a group discussion.

Honestly I could have done totally better than I had done. I was off today. Probably because I woke up in the afternoon and wasn’t on my best game. Well the good thing was that I didn’t fall asleep on the bus. The bad thing was that the bus smelled like weed throughout the bus ride. My head hurt a lot and I felt that at any minute I could explode. I got off as soon as possible and took the 44 home. Then I stopped by Fresh and Easy and went home.

Day 19: Sunday July 13, 2014

Woke up, took a shower, then ate lunch at home. Mom wouldn’t let me drive on the freeway. Went to CVS then Costco (and ate some samples). I browsed through the book section (heaven but they didn’t have a lot of books that I liked). Then we went to T-Mobile but they said the plan didn’t work so I was really disappointed and sad. 

When I got home, I tried to get ready for Johnson’s thing, which at the time, I still wasn’t sure what we were going to do. David asked me how I was getting there and offered a ride and I accepted. Went to his house. Chatted awkwardly with his mom. Yifan came. Then we left. Got to Roy’s. Waited for Johnson. He arrived. The place was really fancy-schmancy. We got seated when he arrived. Then we looked at the menu and wowz. Like, expensive. His brother told him what to order and we did. I got the braised ribs and usdjnfjn soooooo freaking good. Like I think this will be the only time in my high school career (haven’t entered college yet so I’m technically in between high school) that I will have eaten something that fancy omfg. Then we talked and shared food and wow it was a perfect evening. Then to top it off, we ate dessert and had lava cake and pineapple upside down cake and we shared it and talked and laughed. I felt really happy. I was really happy. We gossiped after we ate and listened to Yifan tell stories about the drama that happened at David’s BBQ surprise party. We begged Johnson to ask his bro to drive us to Twin Peaks but he was unsure since his other bro was coming to pick him up. But David asked his mum to come and drive us and we went up Twin Peaks. And wow it was beautiful. The view and colors and lights and wow. The wind sucked because I was freezing cold. But it was beautiful! I wish I could go up there again. So freaking pretty. After a mini photo-shoot, we left to go home.

Perfect evening with good company.

Note: (I’m tired, so lack of quality description)